Gender Sensitization @ Victoria


Gender Sensitization @ Victoria



Action Plan

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The institution is based on the principle of gender equity and endeavours to promote the same through the following measures: 

Ensuring the Safety and Security of Female Students

  1. Awareness on crimes against women was created through the workshops, talks and seminars mentioned below:
  • Workshop on the UGC norms against sexual harassment inside the campuses held in October and November 2019.
  • Workshop on Gender Justice and Legality by an advocate of the Kerala High court on 19/12/2019.
  • A seminar on Gender Justice on 21/01/2020 in which the need to bring culprits before the law was discussed.
  • An open forum on “Constitution and Gender Equity” held on Constitution Day on 26 November 2018. 
  1. Self defence classes were organised by the Women’s Development Cell of the college.
  2. The Woman’s Helpline Number 181 was displayed in a banner and as an advertisement during the screening of films in “Shastrayan,”.
  3.  The Grievance Redress Cell, Sexual Harassment Cell and Internal Complaints Cell  address the complaints and grievances of female students and provide timely intervention and help. 


The institution provides support to the female students and staff to cope with the increasing stress and strain of the modern world through:

  1. Jeevani, the counselling wing of the college promotes the mental health of female students and staff and helps them tackle their problems.
  2. The college conducts motivational talks and personality development sessions for girls.
  3. A talk by a trained psychologist for the inmates of the women’s hostel on the topic of stress was organised in the hostel premises.
  4. The mentor-mentee system enables the female students interact the faculty and find solutions.

Common Rooms

The college has a girl’s room with facilities like rest rooms, dressing rooms, and incinerators where girls can meet their needs for privacy and relaxation.

The Amenities Centre in the college also caters to the special need of the female students and staff.

Day Care Centre

The college has a well run Day Care Centre, where the staff and students can entrust their young children during the working hours. The centre has enough cots and beds, toilet facilities and toys. The baby sitters and ayahs are appointed by the staff themselves. This facility enables the staff and students to be carefree and focussed in their work.

Events that Foster Gender Equity

The college organizes events that foster gender equity like open forums, discussion panels, screening of documentaries and films, workshops on health, hygiene and self defence, outreach programmes, performances, flash mobs and musical evenings.  The possibilities of the internet and new media like You Tube are exploited to create awareness. The students’ Youtube Video, “Parivarthan” which records the responses of the students and teachers towards feminism is an example.  The Queer Pride March on 11/10/2018, which was the first of its kind in Palakkad, the bike rally by female students and the Night Out for girls conducted during Women’s Day are innovative steps that promote gender equity.


Action Plan

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