Policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

As Victoria College is an institution managed by the Government of Kerala, the utilization, management and maintenance of academic and physical facilities along with all support systems are regulated by the rules implemented by the state government.  The student related support systems are mostly planned according to the rules and regulations of the affiliating University of Calicut.

Augmentation, maintenance and utilization of Infrastructure

The construction of buildings and other support facilities are implemented through Public Works Department, Nirmiti Kendra, Water authority and Electricity Department, Govt. of Kerala. The institutional requirements are periodically submitted to the government for approval. The PRICE software is being used for preparation of estimated costs of such constructions and implemented by these agencies as per the rules and regulations.  Maintenance of the sports facilities is being done by the nominal charges paid as rental by the external agencies who utilize these facilities extended to the local community.

In addition, minor maintenance works and student amenities are provided by the funds generated by the College Development Council managed by the District Collector along with repair and maintenance done by Parent Teacher Association. Minor level assistance is also being provided by the college alumni, the OSA and alumni of different departments.

Purchase and maintenance

Proposals for annual purchase of laboratory and library requirements submit to DCE for approval. The funds received are monitored strictly under purchase rules and allocated for academic and infrastructure development. Purchase procedures are mediated by centralized e-Tenders through e-procurement system of Govt. of Kerala. Purchase is also affected through GEM, CPWD, quotations and local purchases. However, local purchase is limited to Rs.15000/- only.

The recurring expenditure of water charges, electricity bill and payments for communication facilities and internet are managed from non-plan funds released by the government. Institutional overhead funds from the research projects are utilized for maintenance of departmental amenities of respective departments where the projects are implemented.

Utilization of Physical facilities

All the physical infrastructures of laboratories, libraries and centralized computer facilities are utilized by post graduate and undergraduate students along with research scholars. In all departments, at least one classroom has been changed to e-classroom with infrastructure facilities which areused for ICT enabled teaching learning process. Strengthened science laboratories under RUSA are open to research scholars of the college as well as from nearby institutions. The physical education department has been strengthened by sports amenities, Gymnasium and health club, and is being utilized by students and faculty, free of cost. The Auditorium and seminar halls of the institution are utilized for the conduct of the National seminars, invited lectures, arts festivals, debates, quizzes and literary competitions. The public addressing system implemented in the campus connects the Principal’s office with all class rooms of the institution.

Utilization of academic and IT facilities

The enrolment of the students into the campus are mediated through Centralized Admission Portal connected to University of Calicut. The admission procedure inside the campus is also digitized with a centralized e-token system and online fee payment. The Examination procedures are also automated with online registration and the results are also published online at the end of each semester. The Centralized Attendance Management System (CAMS) for the teachers and the non-teaching staff have been implemented through biometric punching. The Office administration is managed by Direct Digital File Management System which reduces much of the time in file movement.

Online and offline classes are effectively managed through a centralized time table and special time tables are used for remedial coaching and other additional coaching classes implemented in the campus. Continuous monitoring of the students by internal evaluation is done at different levels and are managed by tutors and heads of each department. The IT enabled seminar halls and Edusat facility is being utilized for various academic activities. Continuous monitoring of research progress has been centralized and is done at least once in every six months.

Learning Management System: The institution has a Learning Management System operating in Moodle platform, e-Learning @ Victoria which provides an online platform for knowledge sharing and, assessment .

Centralized Computer Facility: The general computer lab and the laboratories of the Computer Science and Statistics department are open to all students of the campus for their access to online resources and for carrying out their project works as part of the curriculum. These facilities also provide support for printing, photocopying and online browsing for the students at a subsidized price.

Centralized Library: The subscription of journals and purchase of books are managed by the plan fund and UGC fund allocation through RUSA and the students are provided with the library facilities on all working days.

Utilization of support facilities

College Hostels: Hostel facilities are provided for both girls and boys and at present, facilities are extended to more than 300 students. The students from marginalized sectors and socio-economically backward categories are provided with free food and accommodation with support from the government.

Staff Quarters: The institution provides accommodation facilities to teaching and non-teaching staff and all the staff who enjoy these facilities are entitled to pay the rental as per the state government rule. The quarters are also being maintained by the PWD of Govt. of Kerala.

Crèche: The campus provides the facility of Crèche for the day-care of the little children of the faculty and is supported by the PTA.

The student amenity centre: College hosts a students amenity centre, where there are facilities for Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) and a mini-conference hall for group discussions.

Co-operative Society: The college offers a co-operative society with subsidized student requirements and is managed by the co-operative society act of Govt. of Kerala.