College Library

Government Victoria College General Library is one of the oldest College Libraries in Kerala, which started functioning along with the inception of the institution. It is equipped with more than a hundred thousand reading materials in various formats housed mainly in General Library and in different departmental libraries.  All these resources sufficiently supplement the academic, intellectual, recreational and spiritual requirements of the members of this prestigious institution. Resources of the library are open to all the students, teachers, non teaching members and research scholars in the institution. A user friendly interface for searching documents (OPAC) is also available in the library. Library transactions are fully automated with internationally acclaimed free library software called KOHA. The General Library is functioning in an independent building, with a seating capacity of 140 people in the reading room. It subscribes to various newspapers and periodicals in English, Malayalam and Tamil languages, and a number of peer reviewed reference journals. Borrowers are highly discouraged to make any marks/writings in books, fold pages, damage the binding, underlining of passages, writing remarks, tearing pages/pictures, etc.

Sections in the Library:

  1. Reference and Research Section
  2. Circulation Section
  3. Periodicals Area, Reading Room
  4. Multimedia Centre
  5. Manuscripts Centre
  6. Braille Section

Library working hours:

8.00am to 6.00pm on all working days

Loan of books:

BA/B Sc/B Com                              : 2 Books
MA/M Sc/M Com                          : 3 Books
Faculty Members                          : 5 Books
Guest Faculty                                 : 2 Books
Non Teaching Staff                       : 2 Books
Research Scholars                         : 2 Books

Books are initially issued for a period of 14 days to students (Faculty, 30 days) with two renewal options. Members are requested to strictly adhere to the due date i.e., either to renew or return the book, in order to avoid fine at governmental rates. Reservation facility is also available.

Library Staff:

  1. Dr Ajithan K R : College Librarian (UGC)
  2. Vinitha C R : Librarian Gr. IV
  3. Muralidharan V : Attender
  4. Mohanan A : Attender
  5. Kumaran : Attender
  6. Sheena P C : Library Intern
  7. Vani Maria Peters : Library Intern

Library Extension Activities:

The library is regularly conducting various extension activities like discussions on relevant topics, observing library week, orientation programs to new comers, book exhibition, etc. besides its routine services.

Library Advisory Committee:

General Library activities are monitored, streamlined and governed by the rules and regulations formulated by the Library Advisory Committee from time to time, with the College principal as its Chairman. College Librarian, being the convener, executes and implements the decisions taken by the committee. All HODs and Senior Superindentant at the College Office are members of this committee along with College Union Chairman as the student representative. It meets at regular intervals to formulize policies for routine activities as well as long term plans that will safeguard the interest of all users of the library in strict adherence to the mission and vision of the institution, by upholding the 5 Golden Rules of Library Science.