Feedback System

Feedback System

Student Satisfaction Survey

IQAC routinely collects the feedback of the students on teachers and courses every year. This practice has been effective in improving the quality of education imparted in the institution.

Students Feedback on Teachers

The students are asked to provide their feedback on various parameters such as knowledge base and communication skills of the teachers, their sincerity and commitments, their capability to motivate or arouse interest, their accessibility for clarification, their conduct of internal evaluation and also the reference material made available to the students. The students feedback from on teachers employ a 4 point rating scale where 4 stands for excellent, 3 for very good, 2 for good and 1 for satisfactory. The students feedback are communicated to teachers which helps them to take measures to improve.

Students Feedback on Courses

A feedback of the students on courses is also collected where the students assess various aspects relating to a course such as learning value (in terms of skills, concepts, knowledge, analytical abilities), its applicability or relevance to real life situations, depth of the course content, extent of coverage of course, clarity and relevance of reading material, the extent of effort required of students etc. The students are asked to give rating on a 5 point rating scale ranging from 5 very good to 1 very bad. The student feedback on courses are communicated to the members in Board of Studies which is factored in during syllabus revisions.

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