About the Department

The department of chemistry is one of the oldest departments of this college. B.Sc programme in Chemistry was started in the year 1939 and MSc programme, in the year 1978. The department of chemistry is mainly focusing on the teaching and research aspects of chemistry, offering bachelors degree to doctoral degree programme. We intend to give a holistic approach for chemistry education through seminars, discussions and lecture workshops, which are being conducted periodically. Our department faculty members are invited speakers for the several seminars and lecture workshops conducted inside and outside Kerala. Our department is effectively using the MOODLE platform (an interactive learning management system) for conducting laboratory experiments and teaching. Our department is a centre for micro scale experiments in chemistry.

Department of Chemistry is a dynamic centre for research at the frontiers of chemical sciences. The emphasis at the curricular level is to give a broad coverage of all branches of chemistry in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the subject today. The department has been recognized as a centre for excellence by the Government of Kerala. It offers fundamental and advanced courses covering the wide gamut of topics in chemistry and closely related areas, and comprehensive research training to nurture future scientists, teachers, and technical professionals in the field. The high quality research pursued by the faculty members of the department supplement and complement the teaching and training of undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. students. Our masters students do well in national level competitive examinations and several of them go on to pursue a research career.

We have received DST-FIST assistance in the year 2009 to the tune of 37 lakhs for augmenting the basic and research facilities of the department. In the year 2012 the department was upgraded as a research department by the University of Calicut. Mr. M. T. Vasudevan Nair, famous Malayalam writer, Mr. P. Chandrasekharan IPS DGP Kerala state are some of the illustrious alumni of the department.

Courses offered

  • Graduate Courses
    • BSc. Chemistry (6 Semesters-3 Years)
  • Post-Graduate Courses
    • MSc. Chemistry (4 Semesters-2 Years)
  • Doctoral Courses
    • PhD in Chemistry

Faculty Profile

The faculty of the department is committed and dynamically initiates themselves for the development and infiltration of science to the community and works with a passion to satisfy the mission and vision of the institution.

Dr. Santhi V
Assistant Professor & HoD of the Department
Area of teaching : Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry,  Analytical Chemistry
Are of Research interest : Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
e-mail :
Dr. Padmakumar K
Assistant Professor
Areas of Teaching: Theoretical Chemistry, Group theory in chemistry, Spectroscopy, Bioinorganic Chemistry
Areas of Research: Bio inorganic chemistry, Spectroscopy, and Electrochemistry.
Dr. John P R
Assistant Professor
Area of interest: Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Green Chemistry and Spectroscopy.
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Dr. A. R. Ramesh
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Biocompatible nano materials, ElectrochemistryArea of teaching: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Nano Chemistry
Kundukulangara Varghese Vinod
Assistant Professor
Areas of Teaching: Synthetic  Organic chemistry
Areas of Research: Organic Synthesis
Dr. Shanthil M
Assistant Professor
Teaching area : Physical chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Spectroscopy
Research area : Photochemistry and photo-physics of molecules and nanomaterials, Surface modification and functionalization of molecules / nanostructures on substrates for opto-electric devices.
Smt. Suji S
Assistant Professor
Areas of Teaching: Inorganic chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Areas of Research:  Nanochemistry
Dr. Reshmi C P
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Materials chemistry, synthesis of magnetic nano materialsArea of teaching: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Dr. Sandeep K
Assistant Professor
Area of teaching interest: Physical Chemistry
Area of research interest: Photochemistry of semiconducting nanomaterials
e-mail :
Ms. Sarika K
Assistant ProfessorField of interest: Synthesis of nano materials and characterisationArea of teaching: Inorganic Chemistry,  Physical Chemistry

Research Activities

The department has been recognized as a research centre in Chemistry under the University of Calicut in 2012.

  • No. of students registered for PhD                          : 01
  • Minor Research programmes completed                : 07
  • Publications                                                             : 5
  • Seminar presentations                                               : 01

Extension Activities

  • Water quality analysis
  • Extension lectures to schools and colleges
  • Coaching for  JAM, CSIR-UGC JRF-NET examination
  • Academic Seminars

Chemistry Alumni Association

Chemistry alumni started in the year 2014-15 academic year and decided to celebrate January 2nd Saturday of every year as Chemistry Alumni day.  Retired faculties of the department along with prestigious alumni of the department used to attend the meetings. The alumni are offering endowments to college toppers in BSc Chemistry and MSc chemistry Examinations. Eminent alumni members used to take seminars and interact with our students to enrich young chemistry students in ‘Back to Home’ program.

Infrastructure facilities available


The department has a collection of 2100 books of which some of them are very rare reference books.

Research Lab

The department (DST-FIST supported) has a well equipped research lab with strong support of instrumentation facility such as UV-Visible spectrometer, FT IR Spectrometer and electrochemical workstation, to carry out research in the frontier areas of nano science, organic synthesis, bioinorganic chemistry.