Dept of Mathematics - Faculty Details

Faculty NameMANJUNATH A S (Head Of Department)
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience Details 10 years, 8 months
Qualifications NET Ph D
Areas of Interest Stochastic Modelling, Queueing Theory.
Field of Research Stochastic Modelling
Guideship Details Nil
Subjects Handled B Tech Mathematics
B Sc Complementary Mathematics
Algebra Differential equations UG level
Topology Real Analysis Functional Analysis Commutative algebra P G Course
Academic Responsibilities Undertaken Class-tutor

Duties Performed Examination
Research Projects Undertaken Nil
Research Publications 2
Books Published 0
Paper Presentations 1
Seminars / Workshops Organized 2
Seminars Attended 9
Workshops Attended 1
Refresher Courses Attended 1
Orientation Programmes Attended 1
Awards / Honours / Patents Conferred 0
Membership (s) in NO
Assigned Office Charges PTA Committee,Canteen Committee,Disciplinary action /students advisory system,Students Grievance Redressal Cell,College Union & Students activities,Anti-ragging Monitoring Committee
Countries Visited 0