Old Students Association (OSA)

Victorian Botany Alumni Association (VIBA)

Audit report

Old Students Association

Executive Committee Members (2018-2021)

Designation Name Phone No.
President Prof. K P Venugopal 9447806633
Vice President Sri.  P M Sreevalsan 9847024200
Vice President Sri. Ramachandra Menon 9447124354
Secretary Sri. Pratheesh V 9447163693
Jt. Secy D. Dhanapalan 9400600589
Jt. Secy CA. Arun Aravind 9447422744
Treasurer Sri. A. Chaithanhyakrishnan 9446061546

Executive Committee Members

Sl. No. Name Phone No. 
1 CA B Jayarajan 9846038273
2 K P Premkumar 9446059450
3 Sreedhar E 8075193634
4 Raghunath V 8921378196
5 Rajakumari E 9388892288
6 V Premkumar 9447295944
7 Feizal Usman 7561055517
8 M Rajenderan 9446437564


Victorian Botany Alumni Association

Victorian Botany Alumni Association has been formed in the year 2008 and since its formation, the association had one to two get together annually, until its revamping in September 2017. From September 2017, VIBA was rejuvenated with new membership drive and its activities got geared in October 2017 with the grant get together of alumni of the department along with the faculty who have served the department since 1970. Annually, average of six executive meetings of the VIBA are conducted to decide on the policy matters of VIBA. Retired faculties who have served the department since 1965 along with prestigious alumni of the department will attend the VIBA meet every year in the month of October or July and in the meetings. The great achievement of VIBA is the sponsorship by one of the great alumni, Dr. M. C. Gopinathan for an annual lecture series under the auspices of VIBA. As part of this lecture series, VIBA decided to plant a tree which is not present in the campus every year. VIBA started publishing a newsletter with memoirs of faculty and alumni who served the department since 1950. The first issue of VIBA Botanica got published in July 2018. The major outreach programmes of VIBA are

  • Knowledge sharing on medicinal plants to farmers
  • Knowledge Partner with VATIKA
  • Sensitization programme for Panchayat members
  • Nature Walk to Dhoni Hills

Audit Report

OSA Audit Report 2015-2020

VIBA audit report 2017-2020